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About us

We are a highly motivated team of young and experienced researchers with an industrial background, who are committed to the development and promotion of the complete Smart Grid solution.
Our philosophy


... Each time we get into this logjam of too much trouble, too many problems, it is because the methods, that we are using are just like the ones we have used before. The next scheme, the new discovery, is going to be made in a completely different way ... 

                                                                                                           Richard Feynman

                                                                                                              Nobel Prize in Physics

Our mission


Empowering all stakeholders of power industry, utilities, electricity market,  policy makers and end-users for the new electricity age through the LINK-Solution.
What we want


We are in the process of prototyping and detailed specification of LINK-Technology and are looking for partners and opportunities to implement it. To reach us via mail click here >>
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