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TU Wien is pioneering the architectural paradigm of Smart Grids LINK, designed according to fractal principles. The derived holistic LINK-Solution is an unique approach, which delivers the complete Smart Grid solution and:
  • guaranties secure and reliable power supply
  • vastly reduces the cyber-attacks danger       from outside
  • keeps data privacy for end consumers and the grid
  • allows the decarbonisation of the power industry through the large-scale integration of distributed energy resources


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LINK-Solution offers the following benefits:

  • Large scale integration of decentralised generation and storage --------------------

  • Secure, reliable,  sustainable, and efficient operation in normal as well as in emergency cases for the end users and the grid -----------

  • Fully utilisation of existing infrastructures, thus causing capital expenditures to be postponed. --------------------------------

  • Standardised solution for all voltage levels - i.e. high-, medium- and low voltage - and costumer plants ----------------------------------------

  • Reduce carbon footprint by increasing the share of the renewable energy resources -----

  • Harmonisation of power grid physics with the electricity market rules

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 Günther Strobl, Brigitte Ederer, Peter Weinel, Albana Ilo, Josef Plank

Forum Discussion: "Views: Energy Networks of the Future - Conditions, Requirements, Visions"

22.02.2018, Vienna, Austria.

Brigitte Ederer, Spokesperson and Chairman of the Security of Supply Forum talked with experts from the energy sector in the Forum Discussion, an event in cooperation with the daily Der Standard. The holistic LINK-solution is discussed as a possible solution to the problems caused by the massive integration of distributed power generation. 

World CSR Day

17-18.02.2018, Mumbai, India.

With the invitation of the indipendant jury, "LINK-solution for the decarbonisation of power industry" was presented at the World CSR Day on February 18, 2018. Albana Ilo as an inventor of the holistic solution recevied the award “50 Most Impactful Green Leaders (Global Listing)”.

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